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In a lonely mountain village overlooking the valley of giants, there is a curious ritual where all children must travel into the wilds on their twelfth birthday to slay a giant and steal its soul.

You play as the latest twelve year old to undertake the coming of age ritual, though you enter the wilds with a goal unlike any other. You want to befriend the biggest, meanest giant of them all.


Kyle Reisner - Direction, 2D Art, Story

Anish Dhesikan - Programming, Level Designer

Weiqi Gu - Programming

Alexandre Jolly - Programming

Steven Lamb - 3D Art

Mimi Chiu - 2D Art, Story

Tiffany Chao - 2D Art, Level Design

Tom Jung - SFX

Brandon Liew - Music

Alex Jannuzzi - Music

Grant Bickelhaupt - Coordination, 2D Art, Story

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